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Website Design, Management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Your website is your ‘shop window’ and with the right SEO management it will be seen by search engines
Do you need a new website?
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I can arrange this for you.
Would you like someone to manage your website?
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I would review your website, be responsible for updating your website, manage your SEO.
Do you visualise being on the first page of Google for your organic ranking (non-paying)?
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Let’s make this happen.
Is your current website mobile responsive?
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Which means do your website pages display on any device. This is important for your brand to give the right impression.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – what is it about?

When a potential client uses an online search engine such as Google or Bing to look for their needs, they type in a few words and press search. Next the search engine will look for the most relevant website with a focus on the keywords and key-phrases used.

The search engine will then show all the websites it has found and rank them in a particular order which it believes is the most relevant to the person searching.

When the potential client is searching through the list, most people will only really look at the first page’s results. The name for this list is the ‘organic’ ranking not the ‘paid for’ ranking.

So where does SEO come in?

SEO supports the order the websites are ranked compared to its competitors and someone needs to manage that (ideally me). Managing your SEO will provide search engines with the right information they need to work out where your website will rank over specific keywords or key-phrases on the outcome list compared to your competitors.

The idea being your website comes out on the first page on the search engine to get noticed and clicked on.

To been seen, you really do need to have an optimised website. Let me explain in more detail over a free consultation.

Blogs and SEO

Blogs are online articles included as part of your website and if updated regularly, they are vital to improving your SEO. This is because behind the scenes search engines’ spiders are always crawling looking for quality fresh and current information for their users. Blogging gives you these advantages if done correctly.

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