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About me and my marketing experience...
Elena Patten Digital Marketing
Hello! I’m Elena Patten, a Digital Marketing Consultant and a social media influencer.

With a 'Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in Professional Marketing' under my belt, plus 15+ years’ experience in marketing, I have developed my skills while working with market leaders. I have a winning eye for getting products to market and getting results - a magical combination in a competitive market.

I have always been passionate about the art of communication which builds strong and sustainable relationships. Coupled with the fact that I am a self-confessed talkaholic, I once won an office award for best talker! (Those that know me will smile at this). I have found my personality ties nicely into what I am most passionate about - talking strategy, talking planning, talking data, talking socials, talking results... I can’t be anything but myself.

If I am not talking, I am writing, it is something that has come to me more recently due to my career in marketing. There is nothing I love more than applying my writing skills into my marketing strategies.

I’m super organised, this has gone a long way in my 15+ years in marketing. It is vital when implementing marketing campaigns, not to mention getting two children out of the door on the school run!

Above all, I am immensely passionate about what I do. Before I established my own company, I worked for large marketing corporations in London. I enjoyed the fast pace, the community and not forgetting the late nights, plus the incredibly early starts – which when you have kids, now feels like a lie in! I worked across many different industries and got to travel around the world meeting and connecting with businesses.

Then everything changed when I had my first child, the London company culture I was living in did not fit into my new lifestyle. I needed to create a better work/life balance.  

I knew I had so much to offer to passionate people who have worked hard to make their business ideas a reality. I decided to make the bold step to transfer my skills and set up a digital marketing company.

So here I am today.

Elena Patten Digital Marketing
If you allow me to steer your marketing direction, I will be thinking about your passion for your business and create a strategy for success.

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I am results driven – changing strategies, jumping on a good bite from the market when I see it.
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Trying something a bit different. Test test test… new ideas will often be ground breaking!
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I will work directly with you – no middleman.

Uplift your business today – let’s talk.

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