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Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
PPC advertising drives quick wins
PPC is essential for your business. Why?

You see when you search for something no matter the digital platform a results page comes up triggered by your search. This is when PPC comes into its own, as an advert comes up, which could be an image or just text, in an eye-catching place. The advert will be under a header like ‘sponsored’ or an ‘Ad’ however, you don’t usually spot this, you are usually draw towards the title. This is where your advert would be placed. The advert will only pop up if someone types in a relevant word relating to your business, this is called a ‘key word’. Then you would only pay for the advert when someone actually clicks on your advert; hence the name ‘pay-per-click’.

To create the advert, I would discuss what key words are relevant for your business, which location you would like to target, what image to use and a manor of other factors that come into play with creating a PPC advert.

Read my blog for a greater understanding of PPC 'How to make the most of pay-per-click advertising'

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