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case study
elena patten digital marketing case study
Client sector:
Painters and Decorators

Business Objectives:

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Reach new local clients to generate new business
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Boost ranking on every search engine results pages to get noticed
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Improve online presence by having a digital marketing expert manage the company’s social media business pages
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Rebuild the company’s website to improve brand image and SEO


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Employing Elena to manage our business objectives to bring in quality leads
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For example, Elena manages our weekly social media posts with engaging content and uses landing pages for a direct response
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Plus, Elena created a new website for us and manages our SEO


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Our phone is continuously ringing with new leads for free estimates
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We rank highly for organic search on search engines thanks to our SEO friendly website and content
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Our improved online presence has raised our brand profile and reputation locally
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In just a few months we have seen:

53% increase in client acquisition4% CTR on Facebook ads117% increase in leads for free estimates

*CTR = Click through rate to the landing page

Here are some of my clients: