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Social Media Advertising
Managing paid digital adverts across social media platforms to drive sales
There are various types of digital adverts you can choose depending on which social media platform is best suited for your brand.

Are you are looking to promote your Website? Brand? Specific product? Or an offer?

The statistics for brand success via social media channels speak for themselves. 52% of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds, while 27% of internet users say they find new products through paid social ads (following word-of-mouth, TV ads and search engines).* Incredibly, just over 51% of the world's population use social media, on average, more than 2 hours a day!

*Thank you to Hootsuite for providing these social media statistics.

This is where you can let me take care of the how – I will take the time to understand your business goals, create the most effective, targeted and engaging digital advert for you, within budget, to generate leads.

Just leave this to me...

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